‘The woman who was as small as a pepper pot was queen of all the crows in the forest…’

Delighting in meticulous detail, my illustrative textile practice explores the importance of storytelling and imagination. I draw with wire, pencil and embroidery, intricately working dense areas of needlepoint stitch over manipulated wire lines. Obsessive repetitions, tiny embroidered marks and rows of traditional cross-stitches are embedded and worked into fine mesh and metal gauze, painting colour with thread. My hand-embroidered tapestries combine and play with wire to form a figurative dialogue. Pensive little pepperpot women lay over subtle backgrounds of hand drawn and screen printed imagery - often framed, always mindful of compositional placement. Drawing on folktales, childhood stories and things of legends, I harness instinctive feelings and traditional craft skills to visually capture the minutiae of a fictional fragment and create considered folkloric narratives that intrigue.

embroidery · wire · print

photography and design: print garage